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Nike: Listening Room


- Commercial Project / 2023.03

  Conception Creative Director

Nike wanted people to experience the inspiration behind the Nike Air Max Pulse: the underground music scene in London.  So we created an immersive listening room with eye-catching audio–reactive visuals that synced with the music.

The Air Max Listening Room, located on the ground floor of NikeTown London, gave shoppers the opportunity to explore and discover young talents of the London music scene.  We collaborated with four “max”imalist music artists, each representing a different genre and a unique style: Nia Archives, Jeshi, Chi Virgo, and Jaden Thompson.

After completing a quick personality test through an app, consumers were matched with one of the artists and the persona they represent: energetic, free, rebellious, or edgy.  Then, they were invited to enter the listening room to enjoy a mix of the artist’s music and take in stunning audio–reactive visuals.

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