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Man City
Tekkers Challenge


- Commercial Project / 2022.12

  Creative Director

As part of OKX’s Official Partnership, OKX wanted to reward loyal fans for being passionate about the club.   So we teamed up with OKX to build a digital experience that puts their fans’ football skills to the test.

The Tekkers Challenge is an interactive installation experience at the Etihad Stadium that challenges fans to show off their footballing skills. We worked with OKX to create an activation that supports three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and professional. The installation shows a quick snapshot of how to complete a skill, then puts 30 seconds on the clock for users to replicate the skill and complete the challenge.   Everyone who participates can enter a raffle to win an exclusive home team training shirt.

The Tekkers Challenged reached tens of thousands of fans during the 2022–23 season. Etihad Stadium’s capacity is over 55,000, and the line to play regularly snaked around the venue. It was a playfully competitive way for fans to engage with their favourite club and players.

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