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User Modulated Soundscape Interface

- Cooperation Project / 2021.01

HUBBUB is a user modulated soundscape interface, synthesising simulated ambient sounds of a restaurant environment, generating a critique on the sounds and experiences we have lost through social distancing. 

The sound design of public spaces such as bars and restaurants are notorious for being ignored and undervalued, resulting in noisy and often aggressive spaces. Yet with social distancing and mass closure of public spaces brought on through COVID 19, we realise that we have lost a fundamental part of our shared experience with others.

HUBBUB is a project that sites itself in the contradiction of both hating and missing the noise and distractions of our lost (for now) spaces. The project creates a simulated environment for users by augmenting a soundscape, which is presented through the form of a playful user-modulated interface. Audiences can modulate a generative soundscape to create different atmospheres by using interactive tableware. The participants can also cooperate with each other to generate a novel and personal soundscape or even a performance.

The work gives agency to sound, and celebrates the chaos of social gatherings. The audience is both the gourmet, composer, and designer of situated sonic atmospheres and experience.

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