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EE BAFTA Film House


- Commercial Project / 2022.03

  Creative Director

The EE BAFTA Film House was an exclusive immersive theatre experience inviting a selected group of fans to accomplish a series of mini-games in order to unlock the full potential of their hangout space and achieve the ultimate screening experience.

With the help of EE’s powerful 5G connection, we utilised the full range of the Google Home toolkit to create surprising interactions throughout – from fixing a poster with Pixel Phone’s smart eraser, to completing a trivia questionnaire with help from Google’s Nest Mini, and setting a themed tone for the room with smart lighting and scent diffusers. On completion of their missions, visitors were able to chill in the Film House’s premium setting and feel like VIPs as they watched a BAFTA nominated film in luxurious comfort.

With over 1.5 millions film fans tuning in to EE’s Watch Party, the 2022 BAFTAs was a night like no other.     By powering Google’s cutting-edge tech with EE’s superfast connection and integrating it into an gamified immersive activation, we gave fans a screening experience they’ll never forget.

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