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Soundscape Atmosphere

User Interface Design

- Cooperation Project

For a long time, cities have been defined by the hustle and bustle of cities. Usually people create soundscapes unconsciously and they are influenced by the soundscape at the same time. 

People have lost their social dinning experience in these months due to COVID-19. We're trying to build an online virtual restaurant for people. It’s like an agency for soundscapes, or a celebration of  soundscape ambiance. Users can jump out of their original role in the restaurant, jump out of the definition of inherent dimension, they can take charge of the soundscape atmosphere on this website to complete the virtual dining experience. The user is the architect, composer and designer of atmosphere.

We provide virtual dining experience mainly from the perspective of CrossModel and Atmosphere. CrossModel represents a cross-sensory experience, in our design, we mainly emphasized the synesthetic responses of taste, scene memory and hearing. We also focus on creating atmosphere, concepts such as atmosphere, ambiance, which related to the specific or virtual space could help us understand art practice about evoking emotions and feelings through sound. 

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